Natural Pools for Chemical-Free Swimming

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Natural Pools consist of two zones:

A swimming zone, similar to a normal pool. And a regeneration zone which acts as the filter for the pool. The regeneration zone cleans the water as a wetland would in nature. These wetland areas can be created inside the pool which gives the feel of a single body of water, or they can be built in a separate part of the landscape, allowing the water to flow back into the pool.

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  • Waterbrothers uses the latest technology to mimic nature and to keep the natural pool as eco-friendly as possible.The single-ply EPDM is used for the waterproofing of the pool which gives it a life expectancy that will outlast a conventional pool.
  • Running costs of a natural pool are far less than a conventional pool.
  • Waterbrothers uses low energy, whisper-quiet pumps for the day-to-day running of the pool.
  • Solar power can be installed to run the pool as the pumps use very little energy.
  • The health benefits are huge, as no chemicals are needed whatsoever.
  • Natural swimming pools are self cleaning and require very little maintenance.
  • They are a haven for wildlife and attract many species of birds, insects and amphibians to a property.
  • The beauty and tranquility of a water garden brings a new dimension to the landscape. Natural swimming pools have a positive impact on the environment as a whole.

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30 year EPDM warranty

For piece of mind with up to 30 years guarantee contact Waterbrothers for a consultation today.

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