LECA Bio Filter Bags for Ponds and Water Features

leca clay ball biofilter bags for ponds south africa

A LECA way to keep your Ponds & Water Features crystal clear!

LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) consists of small, lightweight, bloated pieces of burnt clay. The thousands of air bubbles that form inside the clay balls make Hydroballs an ideal home for the bacteria required for bio-filters. LECA is the perfect natural bio-filter in a fish pond or water feature!

Getting the most from your Bio-Filter bags

  • Bio-filtration will be maximised if bio-bags are used in conjunction with the inlet or suction.
  • To achieve the best results from the Bio Filter unit, a circular flow around the water feature is recommended, with the unit being connected to the inlet.
  • For smaller water features and ponds, bio-filtration will be sufficient using Bio Bags only. Place over and around either the inlet pipe or the pond pump itself.

LECA bio filters ponds water features

LECA Bio-Filter bags are supplied with all Waterbrothers DIY Garden Pond Kits

Visit the Pond Kits page for more info!

diy garden pond kits south africa

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