EPDM Water Containment Applications

epdm water containment south africa
Waterbrothers offers industry-leading, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly solutions for all your water containment needs. EPDM membrane is long-lasting, durable, dimensionally stable and resistant to punctures, tears and chemicals.

Waterbrothers has a skilled team and offers the highest quality installations with the backup from Carlisle and their industry-leading warranty coverage, providing customers with peace of mind that their investment is protected.
epdm water containment south africa

  • Decorative commercial water features
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Storm water management
  • Water conservation
  • Irrigation dams, canals and reservoirs.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior resistance to UV, ozone, oxidation and weathering.
  • Long life expectancy. 50+ years of field performance.
  • Superb elongation and lay-flat properties.
  • Extremely flexible, conforms easily to most demanding sub-grades.
  • Quick seaming process. Saves time and labor costs.
  • Easy to install. No heat or welding required.
  • Non-toxic to most fish and plant life.
  • Superior puncture resistance.
  • Low maintenance and easily repairable.
  • Lightweight. At only 1.3kg / m2 EPDM is much lighter than many alternatives.

30 year EPDM warranty

For piece of mind with up to 30 years guarantee contact Waterbrothers for a consultation today.

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