EPDM Roofing Waterproofing

epdm rubber roofing waterproofing south africa

Fully Adhered System

fuly adhered epdm rubber roofing system
The fully adhered roof system offers a high degree of stability and uplift protection where high wind is a concern.

The EPDM is adhered directly to the substrate using a bonding adhesive that is specifically formulated to bond the single-ply membrane to just about any surface.

Ballasted System

ballasted epdm rubber roofing system
Because of its fast installation and insulation properties, ballasted systems are an extremely economical choice.

The EPDM membrane is loose laid on the substrate with a geotextile for added protection, and then a ballast consisting of stone or pavers is used to hold the membrane in place.

The ballast helps to shield the membrane from the elements, thus extending the life of the membrane.

Inverted System

inverted epdm rubber roofing system
This is the preferred roofing system especially designed for high-traffic roofs.

It consists of a layer of loose laid single-ply EPDM with a insulation board covered by a geotextile and then a ballast added to hold the whole system down. This system is quick to install and can be retro fitted to existing buildings that can accommodate the load.

The inverted system makes the building super energy efficient in both hot and cold climates.


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