letamo Wildlife Estate rooftop garden south africa

This is a recently completed terrace/rooftop garden at Letamo Wildlife Estate. 

The garden has been designed in such a way that it requires very little maintenance, as this is a weekend getaway home.

There are 2 ancient Olive trees coming from Spain which will be planted on each end of the garden to finish it off.

natural pond blair athol johannesburg

It was lovely to visit a project we did at Blair Athol 2 years ago.

The pond is well established and the roof garden blends nicely into the landscape from the upstairs rooms. Water and roof gardens are a great way to make use of dead space and bring the exterior of your home into glorious life.

 EPDM pond and rooftop garden blair atholl south africaOur latest EPDM pond at Blair Athol estate in Lanseria. With an EPDM rooftop garden above, you really are surrounded by natural beauty on all sides!

Rooftop gardens are a great alternative or addition to conventional gardening. Not only are they architecturally appealing but they can also be used to grow food or for recreational purposes.

They also help with climate control within a building as well as create a habitat for wildlife.

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