carlisle epdm roofing waterproofing

This video shows the speed and simplicity of using Carlisle EPDM as a roofing waterproofing membrane. 

Carlise EPDM offers the highest standard of EPDM rubber roofing waterproofing, with installation that delivers amazing results in surprisingly fast time!

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EPDM roofing south africa

Skylight details with Carlisle EPDM liner. No other product in the world performs like this!

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Inverted ballasted roofing system. Consists of EPDM liner, insulation boards, geotextile (Bidim), stone as the final layer.

inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (3) inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (4) inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (2) inverted ballasted epdm roofing system

This project consisted of 20 different areas including roofs and balconies. It is a 1000m2 semi adhered and ballasted system.

It will then have insulation boards installed on top of the EPDM with a final layer of gravel to ballast everything in place. The balconies will then have a 50mm screed installed on top of the liner and the screed will the be tiled.