saving water south african drought

Attention all farmers, government official and citizens in South Africa!

We are currently in the grips of a severe drought and although we cannot produce rain, we can do something about capturing as much water as possible.

I am extremely passionate about this problem in our country and i need to bring people’s attention to a product that is used the world over for water storage. The Carlisle EPDM rubber membrane. This product will last for 100 + years so we need to bring it to people attention.

Please help by downloading and sharing this brochure.

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Carlise Syntec Water Containment

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epdm dam swimming hole wilderness south africa

This dam was created by our clients Ian and Ashley in Wilderness. It acts as a water catchment system as its built in a low lying are on their property and once the jetty is installed a fun place to swim.

The dam is 3m deep at it deepest point and is build with wildlife in mind, so it has shallow areas for birds and animals to drink and bathe in. It wonderful to see what our Carlisle EPDM liner can do with a bit of imagination.

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apartheid museum pond by waterbrothers

Carlisle EPDM Pond lining at the Apartheid Museum on conjunction with Waterscapes.

Contact Waterbrothers today for professional advice on how we can enhance and beautify your home or business.

apartheid museum pond construction



pond builders johannesburg south africa

There is nothing like seeing a pond we built in the winter, bloom in summer time!

Contact Waterbrothers today for professional advice on natural pools, water features, ponds, dams, rooftop gardens and roofing waterproofing.

Waterbrothers only uses industry leading Carlisle EPDM products to bring the highest quality enhancements to your home or business.

natural pond builders south africa


Water Reservoir Conversion

EPDM water reservoir conversion

Water reservoir conversion by Waterbrothers. A great way to make use of that old concrete structure on your farm or plot of land. 

With Carlisle EPDM, your imagination is the only limitation to what you can create!

Contact Waterbrothers today for professional advice on natural pools, ponds, dams, water features, rooftop gardens and EPDM roofing waterproofing

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