EPDM roofing south africa

Skylight details with Carlisle EPDM liner. No other product in the world performs like this!

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Inverted ballasted roofing system. Consists of EPDM liner, insulation boards, geotextile (Bidim), stone as the final layer.

inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (3) inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (4) inverted-ballasted-epdm-roofing-system (2) inverted ballasted epdm roofing system

Lighting is a great way to enhance your natural pool and garden.

natural pool lighting

natural-pool-lighting (4) natural-pool-lighting (3) natural-pool-lighting (2)

Bryanston Pond Project

A beautiful pond in Bryanston by Waterbrothers. This was a great project to work on and the ponds is running perfectly. The clients are already enjoying it even though the house is not quite ready.

pond-builders-gauteng (1) pond-builders-gauteng (2) pond-builders-gauteng (4)

EPDM Natural Pools

Another beautiful Natural Pool by Waterbrothers.

natural-pools-south-africa (2) natural-pools-south-africa (3) natural-pools-south-africa (4) natural-pools-south-africa (1)

This project consisted of 20 different areas including roofs and balconies. It is a 1000m2 semi adhered and ballasted system.

It will then have insulation boards installed on top of the EPDM with a final layer of gravel to ballast everything in place. The balconies will then have a 50mm screed installed on top of the liner and the screed will the be tiled.

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Midrand Pond Lining Project

This is a 280m2 pond lining job. The excavation, shaping, compaction, pumps, pipe work and top filtration pond was done in 4 days. The landscaper on site will do the finishing work which will include an island, rock work and planting.

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Materials Delivery made Easy

The latest addition to the Waterbrothers fleet. We can now deliver substantial amounts of materials easily.

natural swimming pool construction

Our latest pond at Blair Athol estate in Lanseria. With the roof garden above.

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A new Bobcat machine on site. These are great for digging Natural Pools and ponds as well as for the placement of rocks. At Blair Athol estate.