natural swimming pool circular natural pool south africa

circular swimming pool exampleI saw a pool like this online a few years ago and always wanted to build one, and I was recently given the chance by a very good client of mine.

Needless to say, both the client and I are thrilled with the results, and the circular swimming area really gives the pool a more natural feel in my opinion.

Follow the link for more information, and to see the massive benefits of Natural Swimming Pools.

You can also see a wide variety of Natural Pools we have built, in our Photo Gallery.

Scroll through the gallery and click images to enlarge.

letamo Wildlife Estate rooftop garden south africa

This is a recently completed terrace/rooftop garden at Letamo Wildlife Estate. 

The garden has been designed in such a way that it requires very little maintenance, as this is a weekend getaway home.

There are 2 ancient Olive trees coming from Spain which will be planted on each end of the garden to finish it off.

rooftop garden made with EPDM rubber

You know some of them—use renewable energy, eat less meat—but others will surprise you.

reverse global warming

At a time when the science of global warming is under attack and many people complain of climate change fatigue, some cheering news occurred last month: A book about climate change became a New York Times bestseller in its first week of publication.

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, edited by environmentalist Paul Hawken, is the first environmental book to make such a splashy debut since Elizabeth Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe in 2006.

Kolbert’s book warned of cataclysm; Hawken’s tries to prevent it. Bringing together geologists, engineers, agronomists, climatologists, biologists, botanists, economists, financial analysts, architects, NGOs, activists, and other experts, Drawdown offers 100 solutions to reverse global warming.

When National Geographic caught up with Hawken at his home in San Francisco, he explained why climate change is a gift, not a curse; why empowering girls and women is the number one solution; and what role musk ox, reindeer, and wolves have to play. Here is the interview:

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natural pond blair athol johannesburg

It was lovely to visit a project we did at Blair Athol 2 years ago.

The pond is well established and the roof garden blends nicely into the landscape from the upstairs rooms. Water and roof gardens are a great way to make use of dead space and bring the exterior of your home into glorious life.

natural swimming pool conversion johannesburg

Natural Pool conversion in Bryanston, Johannesburg – before and after.

Here we separated a section off the deep end of the pool and created a 45000 liter water storage tank, with a deck on top, and the rest of the pool is a natural pool for swimming.

It is a bit murky and over-full from the heavy rain we have been having, but given time it will be crystal clear.


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