natural pond blair athol johannesburg

It was lovely to visit a project we did at Blair Athol 2 years ago.

The pond is well established and the roof garden blends nicely into the landscape from the upstairs rooms. Water and roof gardens are a great way to make use of dead space and bring the exterior of your home into glorious life.

natural swimming pool conversion johannesburg

Natural Pool conversion in Bryanston, Johannesburg – before and after.

Here we separated a section off the deep end of the pool and created a 45000 liter water storage tank, with a deck on top, and the rest of the pool is a natural pool for swimming.

It is a bit murky and over-full from the heavy rain we have been having, but given time it will be crystal clear.


Natural Pool Rebuild

natural pool build south africa

This was a rebuild of a bad attempt by another contractor at building a natural pool.

Our team came in and lined the filter system with Carlisle EPDM and completely rebuilt the filter pond. A total success and a very happy client.


apartheid museum pond by waterbrothers

Carlisle EPDM Pond lining at the Apartheid Museum on conjunction with Waterscapes.

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apartheid museum pond construction


The Beauty of Living Walls!

living walls south africa

Living wall installation in Sandton, using Carlisle EPDM as the waterproofing behind the plants. This living wall system is locally made and easy to install.

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living wall installation johannesburg south africa


pond builders johannesburg south africa

There is nothing like seeing a pond we built in the winter, bloom in summer time!

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natural pond builders south africa


Water Reservoir Conversion

EPDM water reservoir conversion

Water reservoir conversion by Waterbrothers. A great way to make use of that old concrete structure on your farm or plot of land. 

With Carlisle EPDM, your imagination is the only limitation to what you can create!

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ballasted epdm roofing waterproofing systems

Ballasted roofing waterproofing system using Carlisle EPDM in Constantia Cape Town.

epdm roofing waterproofing cape town

About Ballasted EPDM Roofing Waterproofing Systems

Because of its fast installation and insulation properties, ballasted systems are an extremely economical choice.

The EPDM membrane is loose laid on the substrate with a geotextile for added protection, and then a ballast consisting of stone or pavers is used to hold the membrane in place.

The ballast helps to shield the membrane from the elements, thus extending the life of the membrane.

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carlisle epdm roofing waterproofing

This video shows the speed and simplicity of using Carlisle EPDM as a roofing waterproofing membrane. 

Carlise EPDM offers the highest standard of EPDM rubber roofing waterproofing, with installation that delivers amazing results in surprisingly fast time!

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DIY pond kits are available on order now. Please contact us so that we can tailor make your pond kit to the size you require. Add a stunning new element to your garden in no time at all!

See the video below showing installation instructions for quickly and easily creating your own beautiful wildlife pond using Waterbrothers’ DIY Pond Kits