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Roofing Waterproofing, Roof Gardens, Natural Pools, Ponds and Dams Using Carlisle EPDM Rubber Lining Systems.

Waterbrothers has partnered with Carlisle Syntec Systems USA to bring the industry leading waterproofing system to the market.

As more emphasis is placed on sustainable performance of building materials, EPDM continues to be the waterproofing material that stands the test of time. The Waterbrothers team has installed thousands of square meters of EPDM both here and across our borders and our highly skilled team of applicators is ready to tackle any project.

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roofing waterproofing south africaRoofing Waterproofing

EPDM single-ply membranes have been the commercial roofing industry’s material of choice for nearly half a century, and Carlisle has been defining the standard since the beginning.

It’s ease of use and simple seaming technology makes it the preferred waterproof lining system throughout the world.

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rooftop gardens south africa

Rooftop Gardens

Roof gardens are a great alternative or addition to conventional gardening.

Not only are they architecturally appealing but they can also be use to grow food or for recreational purposes. They help with climate control within a building as well as create a habitat for wildlife.

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Natural Pools

Natural pools are beautiful, easy to look after and the create a wonderful oasis for your home or business.

These fantastic pools are stunning all year round and attract all sorts of wildlife to your garden. The water is filtered and cleaned naturally, which provides a truly amazing swimming experience.

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pond construction south africa

Ponds & Water Features

One of the most popular and practical ways to enhance a home’s outdoor living space is through landscaping elements like water features, tranquil ponds, water gardens and bubbling fountains, that can covert the bleakest patch of ground into a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

Just like natural pools, ponds are a great way to attract wildlife such as birds, insects and amphibians to the landscape.

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dams reservoirs storm water management

Water Containment

Waterbrothers offers industry-leading, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly solutions for all your water containment needs.

EPDM membrane is long-lasting, durable, dimensionally stable and resistant to punctures, tears and chemicals.

Waterbrothers has a skilled team and offers the highest quality installations with the backup from Carlisle and their industry-leading warranty coverage

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